A futuristic style racing game written using soya ( an opengl 3d engine ) and python.


2004/12/29 - gallery

i have added a gallery section for concept art, screenshots and any other images.

2004/12/28 - track1

track1 should now work again in cvs. so now you can run -l level1

2004/12/24 - new cvs snapshot available

happy christmas!
as a pressie there is a new cvs tarball available for download from

you get put back on the track now properly which is great! also ive tweeked the speed ring track to suit its name a little better.

have fun!

2004/12/23 - now in cvs...

...4 more ships! Thanks to Maligor and crook ( urberkinder )!

also in cvs today new textures, boost areas and i fixed the map for the speed ring

2004/12/22 - cvs snapshot update

i wasnt going to release another snapshot but i think there are enough changes to warrent it before the menu gets fixed up.

i cant remeber everything since the last snapshot but i think ive added changeable cameras as well as what i said in the last news item.

you can download the snapshot from

2004/12/22 - goings on...

well today there should be two tracks in CVS _and_ some new ships coming soon from uberkinder. there is a new screenshot to for the browsers out there.

i will release a new cvs snapshot when then menu and tracks/ships have been joined. also today in cvs there is a clock and lap times so you can see how good you really are and restart points so when you fall off the edge it puts you back on.

thanks to all the people that have already downloaded pywracer! please join the mailing list and send any comments you have.

after christmas the physics engine should be going in which im very excited about! proper collisions at last.

2004/12/19 - irc channel launched

developers and users please join #pywracer on

2004/12/18 - cvs snapshot available

A CVS snapshot is now available for download! Get it from

2004/12/17 - website done

I hate doing webshites but here it is. I have one xml file and one xslt file. Does all the work I need.
If you want to make corrections or additions send me a CVS patch. The CVS module is called pywracer_htdocs.

2004/12/17 - first screenshots available!

There are now screenshots available and some stuff in cvs!
Screenshots maybe seen at
Instructions for checking out CVS are at


Some screenshots are here
And there are more in the gallery


The only way to get pywracer at the moment is to check out the CVS. Instructions for this can be found at
As soon as there is more i will start uploading CVS snapshots.


To run the game type:

$ python

or you may just be able to double click the file if your system is setup to handle it.

When in the game use the arrow keys to control speed and direction. The space bar will fire a boost ( the boost is just for testing at the moment ). Pressing Escape will quit and pressing F1 will create a screenshot in the results directory. F2 will change the camera view.


pywracer needs more tracks and ships! If you are handy with blender have a look at the models in data/blender. Currently there is only ship.blend and track1.blend. Other objects will be greatfully recieved of course! ( start point, buildings, tunnels, ... )

To create new levels you need a file like data/xml/level1.xml that specifies the blender objects to load and other information about the level. Then to compile the level to something you can play type:

$ python tools/ --racing -f data/xml/foo.xml

Then to play your level type:

$ python -l foo

Textures are also needed. Banners and logos seem an easy resource for these, just like you would see if you watched a grand prix. Also textures for buildings and tracks and just about anything else!


To suggest or complain, praise or flame or just say to say "hi" please join the mailing list at

To contact me direct: mailto:


pywracer is kindly hosted by sourceforge

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